Simple. Fast.

Quality deliverables.

Gain valuable insights direct from your stakeholders.

We then turn respondent videos into a summary film.

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Video research.

Made easier.

Set questions. Get answers. Then we edit the results.

Easy for stakeholders

Easy for clients

Insights worth keeping

The app works on iOs and Android, and is achingly simple to use

You can view the videos from your computer, or from the app itself

We edit the videos together with our customary flair, included in the cost

Downloading the app links invitees to a specific group and questions. Answering the questions activates their camera, and the videos are uploaded to our secure server.

We've designed the app with you in mind. View videos and add questions in real time, mark favourites and add notes.

Embed your insights, add more clips - we work with you to give you a film that delivers the core messages - typically in 48 hours.

Our story

Add Video was born because we were getting more and more footage from clients that had been shot on mobile phones - and we wanted a good way to ensure that clients got the quality of footage that they expect and deserve.

Everywhere at once

What better way to collect insights than with something that  people carry with them all the time? At home, in the park, in the supermarket - Add Video is a tool that respondents can access immediately. Any time, anywhere.

Candid cameras

People are often much more articulate and open on camera than they are in print, and will open up in surprising and unexpected ways. We've seen laughter and tears. You'll be amazed at what insights this app can bring.

Future proof

We live in a hyper-connected, ever changing world. You need to be able to discover what consumers are thinking quickly and directly. Add Video is an research tool for tomorrow, available today.

We're filmmakers first.


Why use us?  Because not only are we a highly efficient and cost effective way of hearing direct from your stakeholders - but we've been making research films for nearly 20 years  - we understand your business objectives, and can present the findings with creativity and style.

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We have found Add Video to be a great way of getting insight in a fast, impactful way via a tool that is incredibly simple for consumers to use.

Kenny Cowan, CSR International

We recently used the Add Video platform as a way to understand consumer purchase journeys. It enabled us to get real, un-staged, gritty, experiences and feedback that wouldn’t be possible by other methods. And as well as being flexible and super quick to get up and running it was also so easy to analyse the output via the platform and pull out the most powerful inputs to our story. The client was delighted.

Paul Thomas, Director, Strive Insight

Add Video is a great tool.  It’s easy to use, works well for global projects and respondents love it.  The team takes care of every detail and tracks progress beautifully.  I would certainly recommend it.

Katie Oakley, Co-founder, Meat Global Brands

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If you'd like a demo of the app, or would like to see some of the sample outputs we've put together, give us a call on 01273 241320 or send us an email