Video research Made easier

Simple, fast, quality deliverables

You set the questions and we get the answers. We’ll then edit the results so you gain valuable insights direct from your stakeholders, all summarised in one perfect film.

"We have found add+video to be a great way of getting insight in a fast, impactful way..."

Gather brand insights quickly and easily

1. add+video is an intelligence gathering app. Connect directly with your target customers asking them specific set questions. Answering the questions activates their camera, and the videos are uploaded to our secure server.

"... it is incredibly simple for consumers to use"

Available for iOS and Android

2. Achingly simple and easy for all stakeholders to use, add+video was built with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

"... it enabled us to get real, un-staged, gritty, experiences and feedback that wouldn’t be possible by other methods."

Real insights worth keeping

3. add+video allows you access to the intimate world of your consumer’s life, their thoughts, feelings and needs wherever they happen to be.

"... it was also so easy to analyse the output via the platform and pull out the most powerful inputs to our story."

Valuable insights to guide your decision making

4. View videos and add questions in real time, mark favourites and add notes. Embed your insights, add more clips – we work with you to give you a film that delivers the core messages – typically within 48 hours.

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Why use us?  Because not only are we a highly efficient and cost effective way of hearing direct from your stakeholders – but we’ve been making research films for nearly 20 years. We understand your business objectives, and can present the findings with creativity and style.

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