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Add Video is a mobile application platform that allows customers to send you their  insights, reviews, and feedback through their phones’ cameras. Once they record their reaction the video is uploaded and edited into an insightful final video by our in-house production team.

In short, Add Video is an effective and inexpensive way of getting accurate insights from the people that matter most.

We set you up on the platform so that you can see all the videos as soon as they are uploaded. You can either do this via the app on your smartphone or tablet, or log in through your desktop browser.

It’s very easy to post questions in the app, just a couple of clicks and it’s there for the group to see.

There’s an option to add notes and comments to individual videos on the platform that the editors can follow, or equally we can work to a vague brief. We can also turn any supplementary data or charts you have into dynamic infographics that we can weave into the film.

Not necessarily. It’s very easy to upload videos both via wifi and 4G (very useful for instore filming), but users can also record their answers in the app and upload them at a later time if they choose.

Absolutely. You can access one or more groups or projects at a time within the app.

No. We’ve had projects last from a couple of days to over eight weeks – and there’s no reason why they couldn’t go on for longer.

Depending on the length and complexity of the film required, we can usually get this ready for you in 48 hours, and sometimes even sooner.

We like to say that anything is possible. Ideally we need at least a week to make sure we can get this all working for you, but white labelling the app is one of our services. Drop us an email and we can run through the costs and process with you.

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